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Market Shift READY is your Real Estate Tune Up to prepare you for the road ahead!

Curated for YOU by Best Selling Author and Luxury Real Estate Broker, Laura Doughty, with over 20+ years of experience working with high net worth individuals, owning multiple 7-figure businesses, generating $1B in personal sales, managing over $6B and successfully coaching thousands of individuals.

Market Shift READY is a one month business TUNE UP to prepare you from the foundation up for the real estate market ahead.

What is it?  Get READY to have complete autonomy for you and your business, regardless of your brokerage affiliation!!  Imagine . . . in one month you could have your Branding, your Social Media/Marketing Plan for the remainder of the year, your prospecting strategy plus all the Done-For-You details below!

Are you ready to Quantum Leap your Real Estate business?


  • Four 30-minute weekly strategy sessions.  We start with an Assessment, then move to Branding, then Social Media and Marketing planning, followed with Attraction strategy.  PLUS . . . 
  • A Done-For-YOU, all within ONE location; you'll have the ability to create the following:

    • Website (one that you or your assistant can change and not wait for someone else to submit a "ticket" to complete)  If you already have one you love, then that's great!  We simply apply that time onto other areas.
    • Link in Bio page that can be updated as your business needs
    • Unlimited Landing Pages for properties, buyer/seller pages, giveaways and much more
    • Newsletters
    • Email Sequences
    • Forms - This function allows you to collect your clients very coveted email address and even phone number so you can stay connected with them, no matter who your broker is or if the FB/IG monopoly were to go away.
    • Podcasts - Ever thought about starting your own podcast?  That's right, you can have that included in this package as well!!
    • Yes, there's even more!
  • A program that is customized to you and your business - no cookie cutter here!

  • Structure that will keep you accountable and moving towards your goals.

  •  A marketing platform that supports your brand and your business in ONE simple and easy to use location.


Easy Breezy!

Want to find out more and see it all in person, then book a 15 minute consultation with Laura!

proven tools that prepare you

"I have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand how Laura goes the extra mile. Not only is she one of my favorite real estate brokers, but I give her my stamp of approval when it comes to being a great speaker, coach, all things real estate and as she calls it, living excellence."

Barbara Corcoran
Real Estate Mogul, Business Consultant and ABC’s 2020 Emmy Winning TV Show, “Shark Tank” Investor

"Laura has a vast knowledge of the real estate business and market. She is an amazing motivator and inspiring coach who can help any Realtor get to the next level achieving their goals and full potential. "

David Morris

"Laura has made a massive impact on my business!! Literally from scratch, I now have a brand, a plan and more importantly, I've doubled my business!! LaLa is the BEST!!"

Elena Tarasova
Luxury Real Estate, Malibu

"I have worked with Laura for almost 6 years. She keeps me pointed in the right direction and has been a huge part of our exponential growth. She's exactly who she says she is and will do waaay more for your business than you can ever believe!"

Shelton Wilder
Shelton Wilder Group, Los Angeles

"Working with Laura is transformational! She moves at the speed of lightning and gets it done. At the same time, she allows you the space and room to grow. Hands down, the best coach I've ever worked with!!"

Robert Hoke
Real Estate Investor/Broker

"I'm blown away at the foundational pieces Laura implemented in my business in less than 30 days! I've been a successful agent for 7 years and had no idea what I really didn't know and was missing. My clients noticed immediately and my business has grown exponentially thanks to Laura!"

Aneela Zaman
Real Estate Agent & Developer


Market Shift READY

Your All-in-One Branding Platform

Quantum Leap Package


YES!  I'm ready to create my custom game plan!

Yes, I Need This!!!

Tune Up Package


This includes the 4-strategy sessions w/out Kajabi.  

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This Market Shift READY, Quantum Leap Package REQUIRES a purchase of Kajabi. You only need the "Basic" program under "Pricing" and you can choose month-to-month or save by paying the yearly price.

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From my heart . . .

I’m guessing you have an amazing sense of who you are and a growing sense of what you want. BUT, sometimes, the struggle is REAL and sometimes you really need a lifeline.  Real Estate can feel like a very lonely place sometimes, even though we work with people all day long.  And in the real estate world of "sharks" and "closers" - you're searching for a solution to STAND OUT!!

I admit it. I’m obsessed with helping real estate agents/entrepreneurs build their own personal brands. Personal branding has been the most impactful thing I’ve done for my career.

You are not your Broker.  Your clients connect with you.  So, making sure you're ready for this market shift with a TUNE UP is good business.  Running a business requires strategy and planning.  Success doesn't "just happen."

You want your business to amplify who you are and what you do – and what makes you unique from any other agent. I know that sounds like a tall order. That’s why I always start with the foundation - a personal brand.

This market shift is REALLY happening.  You need to align with someone who's been there and done that, over and over and over again!

What you need is this tune up Market Shift READY!  What got you here, will not get you where we're going.

I understand. So do 100's of others and that's why I created this program . . .

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