40 Days to a New You

You are worth it!


Why 40 Days?


This is YOUR TIME! Believe in YOU!!


40 days is a good amount of time to see dramatic change in your life.

It’s also the amount of time that Moses, Jesus and Buddha took to undergo a full TRANSFORMATION.

Now, no one I KNOW has the luxury of going away for 40 days to a desert, a mountain or to sit under a Bodhi tree.

Plus I don’t think it’s necessary to do any of the above.  That’s why I created this online program so you can do it at home.

I’m convinced that the changes that took place in Moses, Buddha and Jesus came from their decision to a new way of BEING.

They were DETERMINED to walk away from their old life and then to sit quietly in trust until they knew the truth.

I’m also convinced that the single most important thing you can do for yourself is SAY YES.


This is an invitation to shift your thinking to love AND THEN to hold yourself consistently in that state of mind for 40 days.

Do you have any idea HOW FAST miracles occur when you change your mind to think with God, and then stay consistently in this new place?

Most people have no idea how quickly problems, pain and sickness disappear because they didn’t know their thoughts and their physical experience were connected.

Are you in?

I’m in - I AM ALL IN!  Join me . . .

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My Coach and Mentor

Rita Catolino is a certified personal trainer, online coach, motivational speaker, fitness writer and cover model. Her passion for fitness and helping others can be attributed to having gone through many of her own struggles with weight her entire life..


What is the 40-Day Program?


It works, when you WORK it . . .

🎉 🎉 🎉 I want to show you what 2 months (60 Days) of this amazing lifestyle and consistent hard work can create!!!

I am celebrating my friend Bill for his hard work and discipline. The picture to the right reflects his BEFORE picture (bottom) and his AFTER picture (top).

💪🏼 His inches, % of body fat and pounds are numbers that pale in comparison to how he feels. You can see how the toxins have left his body by the difference in his face.

Our bodies are telling us a story every time we look in the mirror. Are you willing to see and listen?

Bill's story is proof that when you give your body the nutrition, consistent habits and love that it needs, it will give back to you tenfold.

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Mary Catherine's Story



 Join me and discover the REAL YOU!


"So, I weighed today for the first time since I started the program 5 weeks ago. I have lost 14 lbs. 🎉💪 I have ground to cover yet, but the thing is, I'm completely at peace with it. I know it will come off...and the timetable for lbs is less important now. What is important..and quite amazing actually, is how much better I feel. My depression has lifted...my digestive system is functioning properly and without issues and my skin looks healthier. I really can't tell you how happy and thankful I am that you helped me get started on my path to wellness! You've been so patient and encouraging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💗 "

Mary C, Age 50

"This stuff really works.....8 lbs. 16 total inches. 10 days in and 1 cleanse day. Can't wait to see results tomorrow after 2nd cleanse day, 😄Way easier than sticking to and shopping for a meal plan. "

Tami H, Age 35

"Some good news to report, as of yesterday morning I had lost 12.5 pounds (8 days). I really gorged during the holidays, so a lot of the weight loss is certainly water weight. But who cares, a win is a win...and 12.5 pounds is pretty fantastic! I am super stoked! "

Molly P. Age 28

A Typical Day

40 Days to a NEW YOU Includes:

📌Daily Video for Spiritual Practice 📌Private Facebook support group 📌EASY Recipes 📌Workouts from Home 📌FULL NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE 📌 Weekly Group Coaching Video Call 📌 A healthy new identity and active lifestyle 📌Guidance to identify and break bad habits 📌 Mind and body transformation to enjoy long-term success


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40 Days to a NEW YOU

You Are Worth It

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